Symfony vs Laravel : Which Framework is better for your Business Requirement ?

16 Mar

Best comparison between 2 big frameworks, where symfony is for large scale application, another side Laravel best performance in MVC apps.
PHP is great and modern programming language for web development, full of empowering features and functionalities. Powering about 80% – 90% of web application globally. Now a days, Proximately it’s  unreal to write code from scratch, so developers started utilising frameworks and its featured tools to speed up working patterns.


One of the toughest challenges of development projects is building quality websites and applications in the least possible time.

There are many frameworks available among those Laravel & Symfony stands apart for their amazing built-in features and flexible structure. This brings us close to compare these best PHP frameworks, and really makes for some to decide which one is better.


Before going on War, Let’s discuss some parallelism between:

Here we are taking 2 contenders : Laravel & Symfony


When talking about laravel, we are considering laravel framework journey from version 4 and beyond such as 5.1 to 5.8. Framework introduced composer for installing libraries going to be used in system. Laravel framework beauty is its simple struture and beautiful syntax, which is easy to read, learn and maintain. it become first choice of developers in year 2016 (Google search stats said).


Symfony 2 was released in 2011, where its quite different from its version 1 story. Symfony 2 also has similar design of decoupled components. Best of Symfony is its components re-usability, we can take out symfony components and use any where in non-symfony project, Even Laravel itself uses symfony components in its core system.

As Both framework are using PHP in background, Symfony and Laravel both support Scaffolding and full-text search. Cross-platform features and acceptance of multilingual content are also common in both of them.


Now lets start see what more things both of framework offers.



its well suited for large-scale application or enterprise level application such as ERP, CRM, projects. Symfony 3 is very stable delivers scalable websites, where developers can adapt changes in business requirements easily.



Laravel is a PHP framework purely meant for developing MVC based applications. It is an open source PHP framework that is known to be the finest in PHP frameworks comparison.


Now lest see feature comparision



since symfony version 2 and 3, Laravel always won the race on its performance, but since Symfony 4.x release, there will no more margin.

Laravel: 1

Symfony: 0

Modularity and scaling

As we already seen Symfony contains re-usable components, which makes its most modular framework. Code organised in clear way makes perfect fir for large-scale applications, that’s why System developed like ERP, CRM, HRM prefers symfony over Laravel.

Laravel most efficient if building application on MVC pattern, and pre-build application dependencies provided by laravel official team, leaves Symfony too far on this.

Laravel: 1

Symfony: 1


All time interesting point to be talked, when comparing framework, which is most popular? although laravel is the clear winner in popularity but shouldn’t be choose by PHP framework popularity, because each requirement comprises of different level of strengths, where symfony stands just behind Laravel at number 2.

Laravel provides great support over community channel Laracasts where you found thousands of tutorials on topics, where symfony does not provide any. Though symfony has own well written documentation of framework.

Laravel: 1

Symfony: 0

Database support

laravel & Symfony both provides ORM (Object-Relational Mapping) for database interaction. Symfony uses doctrine and Laravel uses Eloquent method for ORM.  List showing support of database.


Database Laravel Symfony
Drizzle No Yes
MySQL Yes Yes
Oracle No Yes
PostgreSQL Yes Yes
SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere No Yes
SQLite Yes Yes
SQLServer Yes Yes

As we can see Symfony has more additional features over laravel

Laravel: 1

Symfony: 1

Data modeling

For database modeling you need knowledge of SQL in laravel framework, Not in Symfony.


We would say to choose framework wisely, understanding requirements and complexity level of project. Laravel can be suited for MVC based application, where symfony best fit to large enterprise application. Try both to see which works best for your use case. Experiment and play with the features that are most important to you.

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