Why choose PHP for web application or website development

14 Aug

There are some many programming languages in today’s world to choose for web development like ASP, JSP, Perl, Ruby, CGI and PHP. PHP is the mostly used programming language in comparison to other languages because of its simplicity provided for the developers, who can learn this scripting language easily.


In this era, having knowledge about PHP scripting language is the most demanding skill for developers. There are many points which can answer the question “Why choose PHP for web application development or website design & development”.


1-Powerful, Flexible and Scalable- Facebook, the largest and most powerful social media platform is using PHP as web interface. Facebook has even created a PHP derivative language, named “Hack” to meet the emerging needs of the giant’s content management needs. This shows the level of flexibility, robustness, and scalability that is built into PHP. That’s Why PHP is the best and powerful language for development.


2-Low cost- As PHP is open source programming language, many of developers are providing support libraries over php, that makes development cost lower. Indianlancer offering starting rates @ $8 per hour.


3-Developer Friendly- Yes you have heard correct, PHP is developer friendly programming language, because it provides very less boundation  over writing codes and developing website structures, it also offers security parameters those can be adopted easily by developers.


4-Numerous extensions- It has numerous extensions as an option, which can be used by developers in their development as per needs on the projects.


5-Huge Library Support- Libraries plays important role in developing website with ease, that what makes PHP stand apart from all other programming languages


6-Isolated Frameworks and CMS- PHP has very Huge family of diverse frameworks and CMS, for simple use CodeIgniter, enterprise level using Zend and YII and where Symfony and Laravel are the all round champions. Also we have verity of CMS families, WordPress all-rounder, Joomla, Drupal, Magento for ecommerce solutions and many more.



All these factors makes PHP favourite of all time, and growing network of PHP developer community keeps PHP updated and ahead from all.


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