About Indianlancer

Indianlancer, “ILR” was established in 2010 by single girl. Today, "ILR" is a rapidly growing company with all the excellent projects delivered to clients. We know that client collaboration is key. That's why our clients meet directly with the ones who actually do the work. Clients really like working with us because we work smartly and with enormous power. Our developers feels fun while working. Because tense & pressure culture cut down the productivity. So lets come & you by self experience the Indianlancer. For the clients, the basic need is that we should look for the business growth. That's why we have analysis experts to provide best ideas in business growth.

Our success key is to set right resource for the requirement.

We love to listen the word `WOW` - `Perfect` from our clients. We deliver the things beyond the expectations of our clients thats why we always have words `WOW` - `Perfect` from thee clients.